About Department

              Oral Pathology represents the confluence of basic sciences and clinical Dentistry. It forms the foundation for clinical dentistry. Its aptly said, "As is your pathology, so is your practice".

              Oral Pathology and Microbiology department encompasses two subjects; Dental anatomy, Embryology & Oral Histology in first BDS and Oral Pathology & Microbiology in second & third BDS.

              In first BDS, the students are taught morphology, embryology and histology of oral and para-oral tissues. The students develop integrate and refine their basic artistic skills by carving teeth. 3rd BDS oral pathology and microbiology forms the bridge to clinical dentistry. Students are trained to develop and eye to differentiate abnormal from normal via didactic lectures, clinical presentations, photos /patient examination, as well as gross soft and hard tissue specimens.

               A museum embraces these specimens along with carving and teaching aid materials. Spacious demonstration lab serves for the same as well as reporting office To Pathology specimens students are trained to identify histopathology of common lesions as well as to correlate these lesions to systemic health. A well-equipped biochemistry/clinical pathology lab assists for routine preoperative investigative screenings. The collaboration with Dr P. D. M. Medical College (PDMMC) serves for advanced diagnostic pathology and basic research and include molecular diagnostic aids such as immunehistochemistry, PCR, ELISA and spectrophotometry